Matt Lund Music


Welcome to Matt Lund Music!  I am a musician, mainly a guitarist (electric, acoustic, and classical), songwriter, and teacher, but I am also a composer, producer, vocalist, arranger, mixing engineer, and also play bass, keyboard, ukulele, pedal steel guitar, mandolin, and drums.  My main styles are rock, progressive rock, metal, jazz, fusion, and worship, but I also have experience with pop, funk, R&B, motown, gospel, blues, folk, country, bluegrass, world music, and classical.


You can find everything about me here on this website including my bio, photos, audio, video, calendar, blogs, discography, my albums for sale (CD or download), contact info, guitar instructional videos and lessons, examples of my arranging, composing, and songwriting, and pages devoted to each of my bands: Rescued Souls (Christian Rock/Worship)The Lund McVey Group (Jazz/Fusion)Axe Of God (Instrumental Metal and Prog Rock), and The Time Raiders (Pop/Rock/Dance Cover Band).


I am a musician and teacher, and I offer music and guitar lessons in person or on Skype!  I also teach at Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, Gene Ford Music in Brentwood, TN, and the Middle Tennessee Arts Academy in Smyrna, TN.


Check out these clips of Matt Lund live on guitar:


A demonstration of different musical styles for performing and teaching lessons:


"Rescued Souls" Original Christian Rock and Worship 2015 release


"The Lund McVey Group" Self-Titled Studio Album of Original Jazz and Fusion (2014)


"Axe Of God" Self-Titled Studio Album of Original Instrumental Progressive Rock and Metal (2014)


The Lund McVey Group: Live at The Walnut House is a live recording of my jazz/fusion band performing original tunes with me on electric guitar (2010)


"Matt Lund: Works" is an album of original jazz/classical/world music compositions with me on electric, acoustic, classical, and pedal steel guitar (2006)


"The Lund Clements Churchill Trio" is an album of pop/rock/jazz/fusion featuring me on Electric and Pedal Steel guitar (2006)


"Summer Concert 2003" includes unique compositions for a fantastic classical/jazz/fusion ensemble with me on acoustic and electric guitar


"Music by Matt Lund" is a live recording of my 2002 concert of jazz/classical/world music compositions for an eclectic ensemble and featuring myself on acoustic and classical guitar


Classical Compositions 1997-1999: A compilation of my earliest instrumental compositions and recordings, some for classical instruments and some for a pop/rock/fusion band with me on electric guitar